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Routefinder PLUS - School Transportation’s Most Powerful Web-Based Routing Software, will help you open faster, manage the driver shortage and increase efficiencies everywhere.

Get the fastest, safest, smartest school bus routing software on the market today. Combined with our team of professionals many school districts have seen a 5% or better reduction on resources needed on the road.

How Routefinder PLUS Solves Problems:

  • Reduce runs, find efficiencies with PLUS to help your driver shortage
  • Utilize Trip Absorption to select a trip to be absorbed by other trips
  • Use Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) to make routes more efficient
  • Sort, filter, and recycle your previous bus stop data
  • Get tasks done faster with simultaneous routing for morning and afternoon
  • Keep students safe with right-side only pickup and drop off
  • Automatically organize bus stop sequences for time and distance
  • Exceptions on student schedule
  • What-if scenarios and multiple map canvases, to compare and review
  • Increased flexibility for door-to-door and special needs routing
  • Ability to create electronic forms and surveys and gather data
  • Analytics capabilities to find and maintain efficiency

Watch our previously recorded webinar to learn what other school districts are doing and their creative ways they are attracting new drivers.

What are school districts saying about Routefinder PLUS?

“PLUS’ ability to create multiple databases and easily modify routes were key features helping the district successfully reopen on time.  We had ton of changes in August and the ease of working in the system, like the ability to drag a group of bus stops from one route and place them on another…it saved hours and hours of work.”
Brad Conklin, Valley Central School District, NY

"PLUS is very user friendly.  It will save me so much time. It sequences for you, and all the flexibility that PLUS provides for each individual route is amazing.  Map scenarios are incredible."  Donna Bonesteel, MSD of Wayne Township, IN

“No matter how small your district is, PLUS can really help your operation become efficient to the point where the job is seamless. I think smaller districts could really benefit from this just as much as districts that have 10 or 15,000+ kids.”
Bob Hiss, Jefferson Local School District, West Jefferson, OH

“We really love PLUS. It is so much easier to use. We were ready early to open the school year in Sept. thank you for directing us to PLUS, we would not have opened so smooth without it.” Nooksack Valley School District, WA

“When it comes to safety its obvious that the feature of making sure it’s a policy where I’m not having students (cross streets)…it’s not something I have to go into to double check if its an odd address or even address.  The system knows the level of safety that I want required for particular trips and then to make those changes on my behalf with out having to put that time into…I mean it’s a huge time saver.” Rob Pakish, Hannibal Central School District, NY

Why Choose Routefinder PLUS?

Other Companies

  • Build routes by hand, with no automated optimization
  • Import previous years' data from computer files
  • Maps are complex and hard to navigate
  • Added costs for extra contacts or document uploads
  • Requires separate software for reports and mail merge
  • Needs to be downloaded to desktop

Routefinder PLUS

  • Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) automatically sorts stops for efficiency
  • Prohibit or restrict entire travel regions at the click of a button
  • Stores and recycles previous years' data, without the need for uploads
  • Maps have Smart Routing and intuitive design for ease of use
  • Unlimited contacts and document uploads
  • Built-in reports and mail merge features
  • Convenient and fast web browser access


1. How does Routefinder PLUS work?
Routefinder PLUS uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of developing efficient, cost-friendly school bus routes for school districts.

2. How does Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) work?
AIO uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize school bus stops and routes with the most advanced technology available. Using smart School Bus Routing, AIO creates the shortest routes and fastest order of stops while minimizing drive time and mileage.

3. What is Smart Stop Assignment?
Routefinder PLUS's Smart Stop Assignment feature helps keep students safe during the loading and unloading process. With Smart Stop Assignment, you can prohibit students from crossing streets, designate right-side only pickup and drop off, and assign these designations to individual students or groups. If you are concerned about ensuring student safety, Routefinder PLUS's Smart Stop Assignment is a must-have for your district.

4. How does Routefinder PLUS store data?
Parents are becoming increasingly concerned with how companies store their data and their children's data -- and for good reason. Routefinder PLUS gives schools control over student and parent data by only collecting data from user-defined entry fields.

5. How much does Routefinder PLUS cost?
Routefinder PLUS customers have access to flexible payment options and compact districts can purchase Routefinder PLUS for as little as $4,995 to get started.

6.  How can I get Routefinder PLUS?
To get started on using Routefinder PLUS, complete the form on this page or click here to contact us. Alternatively, you can email us at or call 1-800-373-3609.