• The Mobile World is at Hand

    Those of us in K-12 education and transportation are keenly aware that mobile technology is driving the proliferation of smart devices that can easily be carried around. How we live, learn, work and connect is now deeply affected by the mobile world and the applications that sustain it. We are moving away from "using a computer" to having a constant companion device.

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  • The Pathway to Success in Tough Budget Times

    School districts across the country are facing tough budget times. Transportation as a related service is often considered for budget reductions to avoid direct classroom cuts. There are almost always savings in transportation but the savings may be politically difficult to achieve, which is why adhering to a process is critical.

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  • The Superintendency

    The Superintendency is a resource document to guide shared leadership by School Boards & Superintendents. This resource manual has been developed to assist school boards and superintendents to establish and maintain the effective relationships needed to serve the evolving educational needs of the children and communities.

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  • Managing the Transportation Bid Process

    It’s now Spring, budgets have been completed, contracts are in place, and the last thing you want to think about is your transportation contract. However, now is the time that districts should begin the process of specification and contract development for transportation contracts.

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  • School Bus Travel Training

    School Bus Travel Training examines the training and explores the accommodations that can be made within school bus service for special-needs school bus passengers to develop some of the skills needed for successful community mobility later in life.

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  • Where Does It Say That?

    You’re often in a position where you’ve heard something at a conference, or read something, and that nugget of information helps you answer a question or make a point with a colleague. Invariably, you need source information to convince that Director of Special Education, principal, or superintendent that you’re right. This white paper addresses some frequently asked questions.

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