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Software Solution Tips

Transfinder Offers Stopfinder Communication App Free to School Districts for Remainder of School Year 

  • Communicate District Updates 
  • Food and Medical Drop-off Locations and Schedules 
  • Homework and Homeschool Details 
  • And so much more.

To take advantage of Stopfinder Communication contact your Account Executive by calling 888.427.2403 or emailing marketing@transfinder.com.

Innovative Ways Clients Are Utilizing Transfinder Solutions

There are many stories of school districts doing great things to help their communities. Learn what school districts are doing and the Transfinder solutions they are using. Below are a few examples from Transfinder clients.


Using Routefinder for Bus Stop Delivery

  District Rerouted to Deliver Meals  

Using Routefinder to Get Meals Out

Centralia School District 135, Centralia, IL   Daviess County Schools, Owensboro, KY  

Grandview City School District, Grandview, MO

District Rerouted to Deliver Meals   Keeping Students Fed & Connected During Coronavirus Closures   District Adapts Quickly to Delivers Meals
Huntington County Community Corporation, Huntington, IN   Pendergast Elementary SD #92, Phoenix, AZ   Schenectady City SD, Schenectady, NY



Community ISD Using Infofinder i To Establish Meal Locations

Creating Large Stop Boundaries: Infofinder i can be used to create centralized areas where buses will bring food for students to pick up.  In addition, parents can use the Infofinder i website to find where their assigned centralized location is. 

Our Client Services Team is here to help walk you through how you can do this at your district.  We are a phone call away and will help you get necessary information out to the families in your community and plan an effective and organized system for meal distribution.

Cody Cox, Director of Maintenance and Transportation, Community ISD, Nevada, TX

Community ISD example of use of Infofinder i for meal pickup.

East Central ISD (San Antonio, TX) using Infofinder i to help share with the community meal drop off locations. Click here for story.

Marion City Schools, OH - The district is a 100% free and reduced lunch district and more than 4,000 students are enrolled.  In one day alone over 1,800 children received meals. Click here for story.

Belleville Township District 201, IL - Sends 4 school buses equipped with WiFi to serve as hotspots throughout the community.  Click here for story.

MSD of Wayne Township, IN - School buses deliver meals to over 5,000 kids.  Click here for story

Parade Routes

School districts around the country are forming parades of teachers and principals to ride by students homes to show how much they care and miss them.

Want to share your story or provide feedback? Please send to MyStory@transfinder.com.


Our story is of multiple departments coming together to bring meals, homework packets, laptops, and hotspots delivered to where the need is. Relationships have been created that under a regular routine isn't always possible, such as the unique pairing of staff to make deliveries. We’re using bus runs for homework packet drop offs, which keep things in a routine, so that when school resumes schedules are the same. Feedback from families and our community encourages our staff who are stepping out of their comfort zone and making the effort to help during this crisis. Our staff is experiencing their skills being used in different ways, from communication to preparing for return to the regular schedule. 

 ~ Heather

Heather B. Webster, Transportation Coordinator, MSAD #35, ME 

I wanted to send you a message about your employee Henry Mora.  He did an outstanding job of getting me all setup for home bus deliveries.  He walked me through and troubleshooted some data flow issues, also helped me setup a new data source, and new filters for food delivery.  Henry stayed on the line with me until everything was completed, which was for over an hour.  Our district fed 800 meals the first day with 250 routes and 7 buses, we couldn’t have made this happen without Transfinder’s help.  Henry was very patient, easy to work with and trained me on what I needed to instead of just doing it for me.  I’ve been with the district for 3 years and he was by far the best Transfinder representative I’ve worked with.

Thank you for all of Transfinder support during this time and we couldn’t do it without you!

Jen Maki, Central Printing/Transportation Assistant, Winona Area Public Schools, MN

Recently, Maple School District in Wisconsin set aside 3 days where parents could go to their child’s school and pick up supplies for e-learning. Around 200 parents were not able to make it. So Stacy Fudally in transportation had been tasked with creating 4 to 5 routes to drop off supplies at their doorsteps.
Last week she used Routefinder Pro to create door-to-door stops in mass, dividing up the map into quadrants, routing all 200 students. “We were able to get the routes created and ready for review in a half days’ worth of work.”  She was able to accomplish this from home, in-between caring for her children who are also home. Transfinder's Jeff Sager said, "This shows the balancing act many of us are facing and Stacy gets my props for sure."

 Stacy Fudally, Main User of Transfinder, Maple School District, WI

Stories of Acts of Kindness

  • Woman helps elderly couple get food when they were too scared to go into a crowded grocery store.  CBS Reports. Click here for story.
  • Two little girls use their tooth fairy money to buy tissues and toilet paper for the elderly. And 11 year old boy donated 1,150 hand sanitizers to his community. Click here for story.
  • Restaurant prepares free lunches for children. Click here for story.
  • Using Facebook to help individuals in need. Click here for story.
  • Freelance writer creates postcard for vulnerable members of society to help them with certain errands or a friendly chat on the phone.  Click here for story.
  • Atlanta comes together through many acts of kindness, including scavenger hunts for children.  Click here for story.

Best Practices for Working from Home
When COVID-19 first spread in China, Transfinder had to adjust quickly to protect our employees in Shanghai and establish a system for them to work from home while being productive.  We learned a lot during that time, and it has helped us to mobilize our US team quickly and efficiently while not compromising our client response time in these critical days.

These are some of the practices we have put in place to remain an effective organization that we would like to share with you.   

  • Create an environment as close to your office environment as possible 
  • Make sure there is no TV or other home distractions.  Your workspace should be quiet 
  • A comfortable chair! 
  • A reliable Hi-speed Internet Connection 
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate… daily team meetings, share regular updates on your accomplishments.

How To Keep Your Employees On Staff
We have been hearing the concerns of districts that staffing could be downsized because of lack of work.  Not only would this seriously hurt millions of families, but the driver shortage that everyone working through would grow exponentially when schools reopen.  We have heard of a few ways some schools are keeping their transportation employees busy. 

  • Cleaning the Buses 
  • Complete Training Hours (Transfinder University is now Being Offered Online)
  • Work on School Bus Maintenance Issues

Please share more ways you are keeping your employees working so we can get the word out to others. Please send to marketing@transfinder.com.

Useful Information

Our Client Services Team is here to help walk you through how you can do this at your district.  We are a phone call away and will help you get necessary information out to the families in your community and plan an effective and organized system for meal distribution.

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Transfinder clients can also access MyTransfinder for more useful information and webinars to help make the most out of their solutions during this time.