Cityfinder is an easy to use mobile tourism app. Visitors come to your community from many places. With Cityfinder and your local community Trolley or Shuttle service, make their stay fun, easy and as memorable as possible! With Cityfinder tourists can see the trolley or local shuttles on a real-time map, and know how long the wait time is for the next shuttle. With our Yelp integration, visitors may find points of interest along the way and simply hop on and hop off.

Cityfinder will maximize the experience of people visiting your community!


The New Cityfinder shows you the nearest trolley or shuttle and points of interest along the way.



Download Cityfinder for Albany, NY, Schenectady, NY and Saratoga, NY at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Cityfinder is an easy way to locate your local trolley or shuttle, know the walking distance of the nearest trolley stop, and the trolley’s estimated arrival time. Find points of interest - like restaurants, bars, entertainment, museums, hotels, shopping and more, that are along the trolley route. 

Cityfinder takes the guess work out of your visit to a new city or your return to a favorite destination. See what restaurants have the highest rating, what new sites are receiving rave reviews and read what people are saying about new entertainment venues. 

Real-Time Trolley Location

See the trolley on the map in real-time, as well as where all the points of interest are, so you can maximize your stay. 

Enjoy the flexibility of hopping off and on the trolley when you feel like taking a stroll through town or need to take a load off your feet. With Cityfinder, you’ll know how far to the next trolley stop, how long it’ll take to get there on foot and when the next trolley is set to arrive. 

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