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Your school transportation department needs are ever-changing. What you needed even a year ago is very different from what is needed today. Transfinder realizes this and we have evolved and expanded to provide you with all the solutions you need, from parent and driver apps to fleet maintenance and inventory solutions. And where Transfinder doesn’t offer its own solutions, we have vetted what’s out there to provide you with the best-in-breed solutions.

School transportation is much more than the yellow bus going from point a to b to c. Transfinder’s suite of solutions provides you with the best-in-class tools that will make your operation room smoothly and efficiently. Transfinder believes routing is at the core of everything you do. The data needed to provide accurate, safe and efficient routes is everything. All your other tools must rely on up-to-date and accurate routing data.

And now we’ve built those tools too!

The Marketplace is a tool for schools, providing information on trusted partners whose solutions integrate with Transfinder’s products, from the grill-to-taillight – and everything in between. The Marketplace will give clients a complete view of the choices they have in product offerings from a host of top-rated companies serving the school bus transportation industry.

Some of the solution partners and technologies Transfinder leverages are listed below and depicted in the diagram above.


View Reports, Route Details and Critical Transportation Data to Any District Official with Viewfinder

  • Viewfinder: With Viewfinder you can monitor the day-to-day operations of your transportation department from any computer. On a mobile device or PC you can quickly access updates on students, trips, field trips, vehicles and staff to ensure your operation is running smoothly. Please see our Viewfinder solutions page for more information.


Easy-to-Use Form Creation

  • Formfinder is Transfinder’s easy-to-use form creation solution. Your organization can quickly create and share forms with staff in minutes. Secure and easy data entry can be done through a desktop or mobile device. All form data is captured and available for administrative review and easy to track. Report on and analyze data in forms as soon as it has been submitted. Forms including discipline; pre- and post-trip inspection; human resources; stop change; new student... and virtually everything you need a record of can be created and then stored and tracked in the Formfinder feature of Routefinder PLUS. Please see our Formfinder solutions page for more information.



  • Using GPS Connect, our Transfinder middleware, you can provide a tool to feed GPS and other data into the Routefinder solution. GPS Connect provides your district with an analytical tool beyond compare. Only Transfinder’s mapping technology can harness the power of real-world latitude and longitude coordinates. Please see our GPS Connect solutions page for more information.
  • Wayfinder by Transfinder: Enhance your fleet by using Wayfinder to Build Routes and TrackVehicles all from your mobile device. Save time creating routes – simply drive a route and accurately capture the path, stop locations, driving directions and times. Please visit our Wayfinder Solutions page for more information.

GPS Marketplace Partners include:

  • Synovia With GPS-powered fleet tracking, managers can add another powerful layer of technology that can not only improve service but also help the fleet save money, enhance service and increase safety. See more here.
  • Zonar and the Zonar V4 Get precise location data wherever your fleet operates with GNSS positioning services that leverages GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou satellites. Click here for more information. See more here.


Parent Apps

  • THE ALL-IN-ONE PARENT ENGAGEMENT APP FOR SCHOOL BUS ROUTE AND STOP INFORMATION with Stopfinder. Stopfinder is the easy-to-use, all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents. Know where your student’s bus is and have the most accurate real-time information about bus schedules in the palm of your hand. Enhance communications with push notifications and 2-way messaging with Stopfinder Communications. ETA and GeoAlerts zones will alert you to where your child’s school bus is while it’s en route. Visit www.stopfinder.com for more information.


Cameras and Stop Arms, Marketplace Partners include:

  • BusPatrol is a safety tech company. It develops partnerships, educates communities and deploys smart bus technology to reduce stop-arm violations.

    BusPatrol technology turns a school bus into a smart bus, equipped with video, GPS, telemetry, data processing and archiving. More technology means more connectivity, accountability and security. BusPatrol’s Safety Tech enhances and protects the lives of our children. See more here.



  • Wayfinder: Use Transfinder-provided Samsung rugged tablets optimized for our Apps or school district-provided mobile devices to enhance the usage of your fleet by utilizing Wayfinder to Build Routes, Navigate and Track Vehicles, track attendance and student ridership, be notified of critical information about each child. See our solutions page for more information. As an option, add our superior RFID Card Readers that make taking attendance on the school bus simple and fast.

Tablet Marketplace partners include:

  • Zonar: With the Tab Active2, drivers and operators have managed access to Google Play-certified third-party apps, which have been tested and proven compatible with Zonar solutions. Wayfinder will come preloaded on your Zonar tablet. Make your Zonar outfitted fleet smarter, more efficient, and more reliable with Wayfinder on your Zonar tablet.


Turn-by-Turn Navigation

  • Wayfinder, THE ALL-IN-ONE IN-VEHICLE APP with Wayfinder. Enhance your fleet by using Wayfinder to Build Routes and Navigate all from your mobile device. Save time creating routes – simply drive a route and accurately capture the path, stop locations, driving directions and times. See more on our Wayfinder Solutions page.


Field Trips

  • SCHOOL FIELD TRIP AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED with Tripfinder. Tripfinder is a solution for managing field trip requests, approvals and resource allocations. Tripfinder provides district personnel secure access to data via a browser on your PC or mobile device, enabling them to submit requests, identify students for the trips, and track approvals. Your transportation office can quickly approve or reject requests from anywhere. Please see more on our Tripfinder Solutions page.


Vehicle Maintenance

  • SCHOOL BUS FLEET MAINTENANCE AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT with Servicefinder. Servicefinder simplifies fleet maintenance for school districts of all sizes. Reduce costs, reduce vehicle downtime, extend vehicle life, increase technician productivity, maintain lower inventory levels and extend better control of personnel and vendors. Please see our Servicefinder solutions page for more information.


Interact with team members in your organization through Transfinder's robust communication platform – Chatfinder.

  • Chatfinder can be used from your desktop or mobile device and works through your browser. There are no additional applications to install. Share information with staff and employees quickly from anywhere.

    Transportation departments and school districts need to be able to communicate with staff at all levels throughout the organization in a secure method. Chatfinder provides that security and being embedded into the award-winning Routefinder PLUS is part of that enterprise solution your school district is seeking. Please see our Chatfinder solutions page for more information.


Find the Bus / Parent Engagement and Communications

  • STOPFINDER THE ALL-IN-ONE PARENT ENGAGEMENT APP FOR SCHOOL BUS ROUTE AND STOP INFORMATION with Stopfinder. Stopfinder is the easy-to-use, all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents. Know where your child’s bus is and have the most accurate information about your child’s bus schedule in the palm of your hand. Enhance communications with push notifications and 2-way messaging, forms including attachments and pictures. Use ETA and GeoAlerts’ zone approach to know where your child’s school bus is while it’s en route. Visit www.stopfinder.com for more information.



  • Infofinder i is your transportation department’s link to the community. Infofinder i is a web-based service that leverages your investment in Routefinder to share route and stop information via your district’s website.

    With Infofinder i you can Inform your community of important information such as food and medical supply pickup locations, student pickup and district boundaries. Some school districts have even used Infofinder i for voter boundaries and locations. Please see more on our Infofinder i solutions page.


Student Attendance with Wayfinder.

  • Track daily student ridership for accurate recordkeeping while using Wayfinder for trip navigation. With Wayfinder, you can track student attendance as an optional Navigation feature. Attendance tracking allows you to know information like who rides on a given day, where students get on the bus and get off the bus, or if a student is riding who is not listed on the route sheet. Attendance records are available immediately within Routefinder to respond to parent requests and track trip efficiency through dashboards and reports.

    With Wayfinder, you can:
    • Use the attendance feature directly in the app on your device.
    • Optionally add a Transfinder RFID card reader for students to scan as they board
    • View student photo and rider information
    • View Alerts and critical information on each student
    • Add students to a bus stop and unplanned riders.
    • Let drivers know the planned riders at each stop.
    • Gather an attendance summary when the trip is completed (Student riders vs. planned student riders)
    • Flag students boarding the wrong bus.
    • Capture reliable ridership data that you can even share with parents through our Stopfinder parent app
    • See on-screen if a student is boarding the correct school bus

Stopfinder Attendance

Notify parents or guardians of their child’s attendance on the bus, when combined with Wayfinder attendance (Tier 2 or Tier 3).


Routing and Transportation Management

  • Revolutionizing Student Transportation Management with Routefinder PLUS. PLUS is the center of what you do in school transportation! PLUS is the easy-to-use, full-featured browser-based transportation department solution that will revolutionize school transportation. Routefinder PLUS is Simply Smarter Routing.

    Routefinder PLUS is Revolutionary, Innovative, Smart, Monumental,” say those customers that have seen it.
    • Access anywhere with lightning-fast browser-based convenience
    • Faster, safer and smarter route creation
    • Intuitive design for easier operation
    • Greater control of maps for safer routes

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