With Viewfinder you can monitor the day-to-day operations of your transportation department from any computer. Quickly access updates on students, trips, field trips, vehicles, and staff to ensure your operation is running smoothly.


Do you have the information you need at your fingertips in crisis situations?

We Can Help!

Transfinder is your partner in providing cost savings along with safe, reliable and timely transportation solutions – allowing you the ability to get the student and school bus information you need to manage crisis situations and communicate with district staff, parents and the media.

With Viewfinder you can monitor the day-to-day operations of your transportation department. You can access updates on students, trips, field trips, vehicles, and staff to ensure your operation is running smoothly. 

  • Updated User Interface and Navigation - Perform actions quicker and more efficiently while optimizing the screen space available for viewing your data and maps.
  • Enhanced Search – Now featuring custom settings and display options.
  • Search in Navigation Panel – To simplify the user interface and increase familiarity with the product, Quickfinder search has been moved into the navigation panel. Use Quickfinder to locate information across all Data Types. With Viewfinder, Search Settings can be customized, images will be displayed and individual results will display in the brand new Detail View!
  • Enhanced Map Tools - Now featuring basemaps and zoom to layers available on Dashboard maps.
  • Active Directory Integration - Active Directory integration allows you to login to your Transfinder products with the same login credentials used throughout your district.

With Viewfinder, you can...

  • Monitor the health of your operation with real-time information;
  • Have immediate access to mission critical information - when speed counts and time matters
  • View Planned Trips, Planned Trips Summary, Summary and Planned Trips vs. Actual data as it relates to your attendance in real-time;
  • Schedule reports to run automatically on the days/time you specify, and emailed to the personnel you want;
  • Empower staff to make better decisions; 
  • Provide better service to your students, parents and the community;
  • Analyze productivity and outstanding work or approvals to meet deadlines;
  • Search across all of your transportation data in one quick step; and
  • Map and analyze your to data to reveal hidden problems.

Visualize and Display Concise Data

Personalize your dashboard with views of just the information you want to see at a moment’s notice, or to track and monitor specific elements of your operation.

  • Select from views of students, trips, field trips, vehicles, and staff, or also incorporate views of other Transfinder products on one visual display.
  • Make sure you are on schedule for school opening by tracking vital statistics including student geocode and trip assignment percentages.

In the Map New Features

  • Geo Search - Filter the grid by drawing a polygon on the map
  • Interactive Map Callouts - Open a new grid with filtered records
  • Map Clustering - A map grouping option providing a more defined set of points


  • Attendance Dashboard - Integrates with Infofinder mobile 2.0. View ridership, stop location and stop details.

Schedule and Manage Reports

Save time and energy by scheduling routine reports to run automatically on the days and times you specify, and emailed to the personnel who need them. 

Powerful Analytics

View powerful comparisons of your data from year-overyear to see your trends in ridership and the efficiency of your operation by quickly and easily accessing multiple databases for what-if scenarios.

Analyze department productivity and outstanding work, or field trip approval, to meet your transportation deadlines. View your district map and see where all your buses are at one time, and at any minute, based on your planned routing. In one view see their overlap and travel efficiency. In addition, display at what percentage your buses are filled, and how many students are currently unassigned. 

View on a map if your vehicles are early, on-time or late based on
planned vs. actual time and location differences. 

Share Information with Stakeholders

Share progress reports with administrative personnel to give them a better understanding of the day-to-day operations, and to justify budget decisions. Or give administration access to glimpse how your operation is running today.