Servicefinder, enhanced and more robust than ever before, is the browser-based fleet maintenance and asset management solution that improves fleet productivity, tracks costs, reduces burdensome paperwork and reduces the potential risk of missing critical repairs. It does all that and much more! The new asset management capabilities in Servicefinder helps you manage your facilities, vehicles, assets, equipment and facility. It enables you to maintain facilities, conduct timely maintenance, monitor asset life cycles and analyze reports to make data-driven decisions. Using it can help you improve ROI (return on investment), minimize failures and ensure safety, security and compliance. Servicefinder goes beyond focusing on just your fleet and takes your maintenance and asset management to all aspects of your organization’s campus. 

Servicefinder Is Beyond Fleet Management. The New Servicefinder Is Fleet and Asset Management Made Robust and Simple. 

Tech Insights: Managing Your Fleet With Ease with Servicefinder

Is managing your school district's fleet a constant challenge? Juggling spreadsheets, manual inventory checks, and reactive maintenance? It's time to streamline your operations and save time and money. Whether you have Transfinder's "legacy" Servicefinder solution, are using another company's fleet maintenance product or aren't using any solution at all, check out the latest Sevicefinder.


Fleet maintenance made easy with Servicefinder.

Enhanced and more robust than ever before, Servicefinder – the browser-based fleet maintenance and inventory management solution – improves fleet productivity, reduces burdensome paperwork and the potential risk of missing critical repairs, and more!


Discover Servicefinder - The Robust Fleet Maintenance, Workorder and Inventory Solution

Servicefinder goes beyond focusing just on your fleet, helping you take maintenance and asset management to all aspects of your organization's campus. Servicefinder helps to manage your fleet to ensure your vehicles are maintained, safe and compliant, resulting in increased uptime.


Servicefinder Webinar - Fleet and Asset Management Delivered to a New Generation

The new asset management capabilities in Servicefinder help you manage your facilities, vehicles, assets, equipment, and machines. It enables you to maintain facilities, conduct timely maintenance, monitor asset life cycles, and analyze reports to make data-driven decisions. Using it can help you improve ROI, minimize failures, and ensure security and compliance.


Transportation operations need a tool to manage their fleet to ensure their vehicles are maintained, safe and in compliance, resulting in increased uptime. Transfinder has built upon its 35+ year industry experience and taken fleet management, organization wide facility and asset management to a new generation into one easy to use browser-based solution.  

  • Manage and maintain all assets and facilities. (From the weed whacker to the HVAC to the school bus and so much more. If it is an asset, needs some type of maintenance we have you covered in Servicefinder). 
  • Streamline and centralize work orders and tasks for vehicles, building mechanicals, maintenance equipment and so much more. 
  • Make smarter budget decisions and have a full view of your operations. 
  • Increase communications between staff and decrease operational inefficiencies. 
  • Plan and schedule manufacturers’ preventative maintenance to ensure maximum safety and operational time with fewer emergency downtimes. 
  • Did we mention fewer headaches?

Features of Servicefinder for your Fleet and other Assets to start include:

  • Browser-Based for easy access
  • Intuitive User Interface – Information is organized into Data Grids for easy navigation
  • Inventory Management – Receive inventory and track levels for reordering
  • Schedule Recurring Services for Vehicles – Tracked by Date or Meter Reading
  • Track Warranty Information – Track warranty coverage for parts used on vehicles
  • Manage Multiple Garages, Locations, Campuses – Multiple locations can be managed with available parts and assets at each one
  • Invoicing – Generate customer invoices for completed work tracking repairs, warranties and costs for assets
  • Simplified inventory management ensuring you know what is on hand and when to reorder
  • Scheduling work orders and technicians to manage your day, week and month
  • Receive notifications on preventative maintenance needs
  • Fuel Import capability - provides vehicle fuel usage history and is customizable not only to measure fuel consumption, but also to provide odometer readings, which trigger preventive maintenance tasks
  • Dashboards, forms and reports for real-time data to help track key performance indicators
  • Auditing - track changes in Servicefinder to see who made a change, when it was made, and what the change was for greater accountability

A Comprehensive Solution

Servicefinder gives you what you need to keep your shop in tip top operating condition.

Your work orders include details from labor rates and hours to parts cost and warranty information. Parts and labor combine to create work orders so that you can quickly access, analyze, print, and store maintenance and repair records.

You also can manage all your fleet and asset maintenance information in one place and use it to make better decisions when scheduling preventive maintenance, tracking inventories and warranties as well as monitoring fuel/ energy consumption. With technician and workshop/ garage data included together, you have greater insights into job scheduling. Add to the mix inventory tracking with part usage and you will have supplies where you need them and when you need them.

The benefits of the enhanced asset management capabilities in Servicefinder include:

  • Manage and maintain ALL your vehicles, assets and facilities in one solution  
  • Streamline workorders, tasks and paper processes.
  • Manage and assign multiple work orders at once to process requests. You can define templates, attributes, attribute groups as well as causes and effects. 
  • Create templates for risk and critical assessments, checklists, models, spare parts and more to simplify documents based on the information you need most often. 
  • Plan and schedule PM, extend the life of your assets and vehicles with scheduled PB tasks to ensure a healthy fleet and assets that operate efficiently and last longer. 
  • Centralize Data: Keep records, inventory maintenance records in one electronic location. Consolidate your operational workflows into one system. 
  • Make smarter budget decisions. You will be able to better predict breakdowns and failures or end-of-life equipment before you have an urgent situation. 

Some Primary Features include: 

  • Spare Parts: You can create, view, delete and assign orders for spare parts and attach relevant documents. It enables you to add or delete multiple templates for a single part and view its values. View instruction details like the number of steps involved in the breakdown of assets or parts, primary documents, criticality, expected duration and more. 
  • Preventive Maintenance Review: With this feature, you can view, filter, sort and export recommendations and evaluate asset reliability. 
  • Collaborative Asset Management: Stop the paper chase. You can digitally manage assets. It will help you streamline maintenance activities, monetize content and services, and ensure optimal equipment usage and predict end of use life. 
  • Risk and Criticality Assessment: This feature offers tools like failure modes and effects analysis. It helps you calculate risk scores, analyze assets’ criticality, search for existing risks, verify variants and more. 

Servicefinder Dashboard  - Create and edit dashboards to see information at a glance. Quick Links to most frequently used functions and one screen summary of critical operational data such as work orders scheduled and upcoming preventative maintenance events. 

Servicefinder Schedule - Easily see services due and assign schedules. Schedule technicians and repair jobs to best utilize your team.

 Work Order Management  - Easily schedule work orders for your buses using repair codes to automatically assign estimated hours and any required parts.

Purchase Orders - Allows a shop to create Purchase Orders for parts from any vendor, track received parts and fulfillment of POs.

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance - Easily identify what PM work has to be performed on your buses, last time PM work was performed and the next scheduled interval.

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