Transfinder Infomatics is an information gathering and analytical offshoot of Transfinder Corp., the leading location intelligence, school bus routing and logistics company in North America. At the heart of Transfinder Infomatics is technology to survey and collect the most up-to-date and useful information from key stakeholders in school transportation, analyze that data and then share instantly that information with either the industry at large or the organization that commissioned the survey.  

With such critical issues as the pandemic and driver shortage impacting school transportation throughout North America, Transfinder Infomatics was created to quickly put reliable and actionable information in the hands of all school districts, state and national associations that serve the school transportation industry. Armed with reliable information, the industry can take action in real-time or strategically plan for the future.

Transfinder Infomatics … Info is at our core!

What are the biggest factors that go into selecting a routing software?
According to a Transfinder Infomatics poll taken on Oct. 25, 2023 during a webinar titled "Solving Unique Challenges Compact Districts Face," attendees said the Number 1 factor was "ease of use." (Respondents could select more than one answer).

Before releasing the results, we asked our panelists their thoughts. Panelist Clara Bisaillon, transportation supervisor at Scotia-Glenville Central Schools in New York, said: "I think it's unfair to choose one of those. They're all equal. We all have to say safety first and savings second because nobody wants to bring a high-ticket item that's not advantageous to their business manager. I think they're all super important."

Rachel Neubauer, transportation director at East Troy Community School District in Wisconsin, said: "Yes, safety, but ease of use. If it isn't easy, it's junk."

Here more from Rachel ‘s and Clara’s experience by watching the webinar here.

 What's preventing you from getting Servicefinder?
We asked a direct question during our Oct. 26 webinar "What's preventing you from getting Servicefinder," the award-winning fleet maintenance and asset management solution?

Here were the responses:

  • Top response was budget.
  • Tied for second was was not knowing enough about Servicefinder or using another vendor.

You can remedy the first by watching this video. You can remedy the second by calling 800-373-3609 or emailing

Steve Leslie of Osceola School District in Wisconsin said: "Budgetary things are important to me and my district, because I'm putting a great deal of my costs into repairing my aging fleet." He mentioned some buses running as long as 18 years. "We're going to get newer [buses]. We just purchased three buses and that's going to help me save some of my repair budget that maybe I can start to apply to upgrading to Servicefinder and some of the other products I'm looking at with Transfinder."

Transfinder can help you save money by keeping a better handle on your fleet! Learn more here.