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One Partner, One Solution: More Than a Slogan, a Way of Life – Presented by School Bus Fleet and Transfinder
In this webinar we'll explain just what One Partner, One Solution means, what it looks like in practice.

This webinar features clients who share their stories and why they made the shift from "best in class" to picking the "head of the class" for all these solutions: Transfinder.


Solving Unique Challenges Compact Districts Face
Large school districts have more "hands on deck" to get the daunting responsibility of transporting students to school and back home every day. In many cases, they have specialists, employees who handle one task and one task only. Compact districts have the same daunting responsibility but fewer people doing the job and often doing more than one job at that.

You will hear from colleagues just like you who consider Transfinder a partner, not a vendor, and how that has resulted in a much smoother operation.

  Discover How To Unlock A Seamless School Opening
How was the fall opening? Compact districts have the same challenges as larger districts. Sometimes, they are more challenging with fewer staff and resources.

Were you overburdened, overloaded and overstressed this fall for opening? Do you have staffing issues, parents constantly calling and the administration wanting reports and answers? Do you need to find efficiencies with greater safety? Transfinder has the award-winning tools and support to help you succeed.
  Transfinder - Leading the Evolution for Over 30 Years
Student transportation has been evolving for decades to what it is today, a state-of-the-art operation with precision instrumentation and more computing power than NASA had to put a man on the moon. For over 30 years Transfinder has been leading this revolution, pushing the envelope when it comes to creating the safest routes for our children. Safety is at the forefront of every decision we make, every product we create, every tweak we make, every class we offer, every person we hire.

Welcome to the revolution as we introduce to the industry the most advanced routing software on the market today.
  Routefinder PLUS – School Transportation’s Most Powerful Web-Based Routing Software from Transfinder
Routefinder PLUS – the easy-to-use, full-featured browser-based transportation department solution is revolutionizing school transportation. Routing, School Transportation Management will be changed forever!
    "In Our Own Words" Transfinder Testimonials
Watch and hear from Transfinder customers on how they have succeeded at their jobs because of Transfinder’s Routefinder Pro, Viewfinder and Infofinder i software, why they love Transfinder’s customer service and support, and more. Transfinder school bus GPS software has helped decrease costs and increase safety and efficiency for these transportation departments.