Comprehensive, Bus Routing Software Implementation Process 

Transfinder offers clients a comprehensive process that uses best practices for the implementation of their software solutions, which the company has gained from experience with thousands of successful clients across the country. 

The process is comprehensive and personalized to each client as follows:

An experienced Client Project Managers assigned to a client takes full responsibility for a successful outcome. 

As a first step, the Client Project Manager conducts a kick-off meeting with the project sponsor to initiate the implementation process, discuss data required of the client to incorporate into the software, and establish an agreed-upon communication plan with project stakeholders. 

Once client data has been converted and analyzed, the Client Project Manager organizes a project plan meeting with appropriate stakeholders to develop a work plan with agreed-upon timelines and milestones. 

Following the project plan meeting, the Client Project Manager is empowered to identify, marshal, and oversee company resources to support the implementation process, including:

    • Software Deployment Engineers for successful product installation;
    • GIS/Data Engineers to acquire and convert client data and ensure custom integration with the student information system;
    • Applications Specialists to conduct one-on-one training sessions; and
    • Custom Report Specialists to develop reports requested by the client.

With full responsibility for overseeing the performance of each resource assigned to the project and by communicating consistently with project stakeholders, the Client Project Manager will from time to time recommend innovative or alternative solutions that should meet or exceed customer expectations. 

As a final step in the process, the Client Project Manager will organize a wrap-up meeting with all district stakeholders to ensure that client goals for efficiencies, cost savings, and safety are met. 

Based on the principle that each client’s success is the company’s success, Transfinder places each client in the hands of competent project managers to ensure a best-in-class initial customer experience. 

In addition, Transfinder clients have access to ongoing support through toll-free access to our on-call technical support specialists, and, our client portal, which provides a host of online resources for clients, including product documentation, on-demand-training opportunities, and a comprehensive report library, among others.

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