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school bus gps tracking with Busfinder provides your district with an analytical tool beyond compare.


Harnessing GPS Power


Busfinder is the GPS enhancement designed for the Routefinder Pro transportation management solution. It interfaces with your GPS system by displaying bus locations and path-points on Routefinder Pro maps - so that you can see that your buses where they are supposed to be.


Only Transfinder’s mapping technology can harness the power of real world latitude and longitude coordinates. While in routing mode, Busfinder displays real time or historical GPS data simultaneously with planned route data on the same map.


With Busfinder, you can…

  • Compare actual data with planned routes to make key managerial decisions;
  • Maintain your map using GPS data points even before your county maps are updated;
  • Easily analyze and adjust driving paths and stop times;
  • Reduce your district’s carbon footprint by monitoring idle times; and
  • Increase overall fuel efficiency and reduce costs.


A Natural Fit

Busfinder can read GPS data from hardware units supplied by most, if not all, of the leading GPS vendors. By integrating GPS into your system, you can more easily and accurately map bus routes, track driver habits, verify schedules, map new housing developments, or accommodate road construction.


Monitor Your Operation More Closely

With your GPS information, you can add and edit streets, create or modify bus routes, and/or reposition stops. You also can see an alternative route taken by an experienced driver based on actual (and sometimes unplanned) driving conditions. This enables you to adjust driving paths and alert students and parents to adjustments.


With Busfinder, you can establish a series of alerts to track variances in paths, speed, and time. If anything out of the ordinary happens, Busfinder will keep you informed via electronic notification—wherever you are and whatever you are doing.image


You can set parameters for notifications based on a variety of driving variances important to your particular district. For example, you can see how far away from a planned stop the bus actually stopped; see if it was early or late to the stop; or receive an alert if the travel speed exceeded 10 miles or more above the posted speed limit.


Critical grid information is automatically highlighted, in customizable hues, to bring attention to matters of urgency.





The Red Line is the planned route and the Blue Dots represent the actual
driving path. By overlaying the two sets, you have a better understanding of
your planned versus actual routes. You can quickly make adjustments based
on a case-by-case basis to create more efficient, safer routing scenarios.


Be Up and Running Quickly

If you are considering GPS, our Implementation and Training staff will help you benefit immediately from your investment in Busfinder by helping you to get up and running in a timely manner.