Grow Your High Tech Career with Transfinder
 Join a market leader in developing software solutions
 Transfinder is growing and expanding in the Capital Region
Seamlessly Integrate GPS Data
 Compare planned routes with actual GPS events
 Locate a bus anywhere, anytime
Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime
 Manage and document an event at the site
 Have reports in the palm of your hand, in real-time
Realize Greater Transportation Efficiencies
 See students on the map and have a clear picture of existing routes
 Make changes that yield greater efficiencies, cost savings, and safety
Return On Investment
 Reduce routes, stops, mileage, and fuel costs
 Analyze eligible versus actual ridership to reduce number of buses
Madison County School District, KY
Madison County School District, KY discovers efficiencies with Transfinder and saves $326,896 annually.
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