New Marketplace Partner 247Security
 Transfinder's Announces First Camera Integration with 247Security
 Live streaming & historical videos now integrates with Transfinder
Oversee Your Operation Anywhere, Anytime
 Monitor the health of your operation with real-time information
 Analyze productivity and outstanding work to meet deadlines
Transfinder Launches Marketplace!
 Marketplace highlights best in class vendors
 Will create a one-stop-shop for schools seeking solutions
Infofinder i - New Look, New Features!
 Your transportation department’s link to the community.
 Share route and stop information via your district’s website.
Seamlessly Integrate GPS Data
 Compare planned routes with actual GPS events
 Locate a bus anywhere, anytime
MSAD 6, Buxton, ME
Since Implementing Routefinder Pro, MSAD 6 has Consolidated Bus Runs Resulting in Savings of Over $100,000.
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