Temple ISD, TX

Temple ISD Utilizes Servicefinder To Greatly Improve The Efficiency Of Their Fleet Maintenance Operations

Robert Mackey, Maintenance Manager at Temple ISD in Temple, TX and his team of four mechanics face many challenges with maintaining their fleet and other assets. Not only do they need to ensure the safety of the equipment maintained, they need to extend the life of their vehicles for maximum value, while reducing costs whenever possible. The amount of data required to effectively manage these challenges with a fleet this size can be overwhelming, especially for a team whose primary focus is properly performing the actual mechanical service work. Tracking and reporting on the details of the work that was done can easily be pushed to the back burner. 

On an ongoing basis, the maintenance team needs access to asset maintenance history, work order scheduling, preventative maintenance requirements, inventory management and more. Drivers need access to a system to report vehicle defects, including the description and severity of the problems they identify. All of this needs to be done without creating a mountain of paper or a paper trail a mile long. 

By using the Servicefinder software solution, Mr. Mackey’s team has greatly improved the efficiency of their fleet maintenance operations. The Servicefinder users have improved time management overall in the garage by eliminating the paper trail, improving service scheduling, and tracking inventory faster. Accountability of parts used has increased substantially, and both preventative maintenance and emergency repairs are scheduled and carried out in a timely manner. 

Mr. Mackey has been using Servicefinder for over 5 years and is mostly self-taught. He finds it very easy to navigate and uses it to manage preventative maintenance and repairs. He has also helped train his staff on how to use Servicefinder as well, demonstrating how the whole department benefits by saving time and money while making their jobs easier. 

In addition to helping his mechanics, Mr. Mackey uses Servicefinder to sync the garage with the district’s drivers by training them on how to use the Servicefinder Driver Portal to document issues with their vehicles. In addition to saving time by eliminating the middle person to input those defects, Mr. Mackey can review the orders and get vehicles in for their preventative maintenance at the same time. 

In addition, preventative maintenance is flagged by the daily fluid checks imported in the system and odometer readings that are triggered by the import. By staying on top of preventative maintenance Mr. Mackey is extending the life of the assets by not overlooking necessary upkeep. 

Servicefinder has also been useful for improved scheduling and forecasting for how long vehicles will be off the road, by knowing more accurately how long repairs take to fix. This is important for the routing office and dispatchers scheduling drivers to vehicles.

In addition, Mr. Mackey can very easily recommend to administration, based on the history of the assets when it may be time to replace them, because the overhead for their repair is becoming costly. 


  • Increased safety of drivers, passengers, and other vehicles on the road by staying on top of repairs and reducing opportunity for breakdowns while on the road.
  • Increased operational savings by extending the life of the fleet through preventative maintenance.
  • Improved vehicle replacement decision-making by the administration because better and more detailed information is available.
  • Increased employee satisfaction because staff can efficiently manage their work.