Wylie ISD, TX

Servicefinder Provides Wylie ISD Administration the Details Required to Make Strategic Decisions, Show Accountability to the Public and Be In Compliance with State Regulations

Wylie ISD has a busy transportation department with many personnel assigned to various tasks. In addition to the routing and dispatch of vehicles, there are personnel tasked with managing every stage of an asset’s lifecycle. With close to 200 vehicles, there is a critical need for sharing information about managed assets across personnel in both the transportation department and district administration. A key part of Bob Salmon’s role is to make sure that the fleet management information being shared is accurate, up to date, complete and easy to access by those who need it. 

When asked about how his team meets these challenges, Mr. Salmon says simply “they’re using Servicefinder the way it’s meant to be used.” Users understand how important it is to continually maintain the fleet information in Servicefinder because they rely on it so much themselves. Although their roles differ, each member of the team benefits by quickly accessing the information they need, when they need it. 

And when it comes time to share information with administration, Servicefinder allows Mr. Salmon’s team to easily summarize and create reports about the fleet, using information gathered directly within the system. This provides administration with the details they need to make strategic decisions, show accountability to the public and comply with state regulations when it comes to student transportation management, while saving time and minimizing the need to search in multiple places for answers. 

Mr. Salmon has been using Servicefinder for over 4 years, and over the past year he has trained other personnel within transportation on how to use it, so they can access data they need and complete tasks through it, thereby creating a seamless history of work across transportation assets. 

Today, the district’s transportation personnel using Servicefinder consist of:

  • Bob Salmon: Oversees fuel import, which feeds the system the odometer readings on vehicles allowing him to schedule preventative maintenance tasks. The district uses Fuel Master Syntex for their fuel management system.
  • Shop Foreman: Receives preventative maintenance work orders and assigns work to  technicians, managing their time and coupling the preventative maintenance orders with any other scheduled repairs to their assigned vehicles.
  • Dispatchers: Bus drivers give dispatchers information on problems they encounter while driving the vehicles. Dispatchers then create work orders within Servicefinder for repair.
  • Parts Inventory Manager: Through Servicefinder they manage location of parts, ensure orders are made and inventory is in stock for work scheduled. When technicians can’t find a part they need, the work order is then handed to them for it to be tracked down or purchased.
  • Mechanics: Close work orders. 

Each person who has a hand in managing the district’s fleet and ensuring equipment is running properly and safely has greater accountability in their role. The historical data related to the assets is available and displayed when a person is working within that record, so they have information in front of them on what is going on and can make educated decisions. Because information is transferred consistently into the software there isn’t a loss of knowledge across personnel, and acts as a vehicle to bring knowledge together.