10 Oct

Transfinder Announces Release of Routefinder Pro 10.0

Transfinder, a national leader in student transportation management systems, today announced it is releasing version 10.0 of Routefinder Pro, its flagship school bus routing software, which is used by more than 1,400 school districts across the country and in Canada. This new version contains several powerful new features, including new integration with Servicefinder, Transfinder’s fleet maintenance solution, and with third-party student tracking systems, such as Zonar’s Z Pass. In addition, Version 10.0 incorporates the latest MapInfo mapping functionality for enhanced map renderings and access to BING satellite maps. 

Antonio Civitella, president and CEO, said, “Our clients are our partners and advisors when it comes to enhancing our software to meet their needs as they strive to provide safe and efficient transportation for their students. As a result, we have grown substantially over the past several years and are well positioned to offer features in our solutions that incorporate the latest technologies to enhance the performance of our solutions.”

New Features in Routefinder Pro 10.0 include:

  • Curb Side Pick-up provides a universal check box that optimizes a route to ensure that buses travel down the correct side of the street for curb side pick of students, especially for students with special needs.
  • Approach Point generates a path that ensures curb side pick-up of students where necessary, but also adjusts the approach point of any stops where it makes sense in a specific area.
  • Improved Geocoding enables users tomanually pin students without verifiable addresses on the map viewer or while routing by using already geocoded students as a reference.
  • Expanded GeoSearch Results allows users toview all geographic information within a map window or within an entire map with a simple click of the mouse. While routing, they also can view a summary of each trip that includes distance, duration, and number of students assigned. As they highlight a trip, the system automatically adjusts the map to display the entire trip.
  • New Boundary Options for Redistricting offers more options for creating boundaries from a selection; adding and removing boundary sections; moving duplicate nodes; and removing overlapping school boundaries.
  • Student Attendance History displays each student’s attendance history and enables integration with third-party student attendance tracking systems, such as Z Pass from Zonar Systems.
  • Latest MapInfo Mapping Functionality displays enhanced map renderings and provides access to BING satellite maps.
  • Integration with Servicefinder includes a service tab on the vehicle entry screen which displays the history of work orders scheduled or performed on that vehicle. Upcoming maintenance and scheduled work for all vehicles in Servicefinder is also available as a reminder.

Bill Bench, former Transfinder client and router for Killeen ISD, TX said “Transfinder’s latest upgrade simplifies the work needed by the transportation office to create and maintain routes, as well as adds new features and more options for creating and modifying boundaries. The new curb-side feature creates safe student pick-up stops, which are especially important for transporting students with special needs.” 

Version 10.0 will be available in November.

About Transfinder

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York, Transfinder is a national leader in student transportation management systems and services, offering routing and scheduling solutions for optimal transportation logistics. A business partner of Pitney Bowes Business Insight, Transfinder applies MapInfo's industry-leading mapping technology and database management to deliver superior transportation and logistics management solutions. Transfinder products allow school districts to manage bus routes, provide safe and efficient student transportation, and access a wealth of critical district information. For more information, visit www.transfinder.com.