City of Schenectady, NY

Servicefinder Streamlines Preventative Maintenance and the Managing of Repairs at the City of Schenectady

Joe Troiano, Fleet Manager of the Mechanical Division
Mr. Troiano has been using Servicefinder  for the City of Schenectady for two years.  At the city Mr. Troiano is responsible for the vehicles associated with City Hall, including code enforcement, snow removal, and other seasonal maintenance vehicles.  In all, there are 225-250 vehicles he manages the maintenance and repair for.

Prior to using Servicefinder the city used a pen and paper method for managing repair and preventative maintenance. 

Servicefinder, Transfinder’s browser-based solution for managing complete fleet maintenance information in one location, has been up and running for two years.   Mr. Troiano, Fleet Manager at the city, was responsible for getting the software up and running.  In his experience it was very easy to install, as it is web-based and required no additional hardware or system components except for Internet access.  In addition to its ease of use, its benefits have included being notified when inspections are due, in addition to preventative maintenance, which has helped him to improve on better timeliness on bringing vehicles into the garage when service is due. 

Mr. Troiano tracks mileage in Servicefinder for preventative maintenance using a system he created.  He developed a working form that his mechanics complete as they are performing maintenance. They are responsible for documenting anything they come across that should be noted about the vehicle; its mileage, part numbers they see that are not on the work order, as well as their time in and out of the vehicle.  This is then provided back to Mr. Troiano, so he can track and document the information within Servicefinder, so he can be alerted of service due in the future and help track his mechanics time.

In addition, Mr. Troiano uses Servicefinder for managing inventory, both on supply shelves as well as their location on vehicles.