Natrona County School District, WY

Natrona County School District Realizes Improved Time Management and Cost Tracking by Utlizing Servicefinder

Challenges, Solutions, Results 

Prior to using Servicefinder it was often difficult and time consuming to track where parts were placed and on which vehicles, wasting valuable time. Today, rather than relying on mechanics’ memory to track where a part went, Brooks (Hooter) Dehoney, Mechanic Supervisor can simply look up the information from his computer. Servicefinder is very easy to navigate, and by just searching the part and clicking on the one he’s looking for he can go to the “Events” tab, and see which vehicle the part was used on. 

In addition, updating the inventory supply is just as easy when their shipments arrive. 

Preventative Maintenance:
Keeping track of when vehicles were due for regular maintenance proved difficult as Mr. Dehoney relied on drivers for accurate updates on the mileage of vehicles. 

Today, the district uses EVIR from Zonar Systems for its daily vehicle inspections, which are directly imported into Servicefinder. Preventative maintenance events trigger when a vehicle is due for upkeep. For the vehicles that do not have EVIR, the district utilizes Servicefinder’s fuel import mechanism to give them odometer readings, triggering preventative maintenance flags. Drivers are also able to report defects and mileage through Servicefinder’s Driver Portal. 

Preventative maintenance offers significant benefits for not only improved time management, using mechanics time more efficiently, by scheduling upcoming work while the vehicle is already in the shop, but also extending the life of the vehicle by staying ahead of its maintenance. Vehicles are one of the most expensive items purchased by school districts and organizations in general. By keeping a vehicle on the road even one year longer through better maintenance, budget money can be saved. 

Added Benefits
Extensive records on costs spent per vehicle are a click away, including not only parts, but the cost of labor, helping to make important budget decisions, and improved cost tracking.