Routefinder GO

Routefinder GO is an app solution that puts your critical transportation data on students, vehicles, schools, staff, and trips and stops in the palm of your hand, in real-time.

Take attendance and access important route and bus information on the GO.

Routefinder GO is a mobile app that operates on most current tablets or mobile devices. Routefinder GO is easy to use and enables bus aides or drivers to quickly take attendance in real-time without students touching card readers or scanners, for a germ-free process. Attendance information uploads to the Routefinder system in real-time for tracking, reporting and new CDC contact tracing requirements. GO puts your critical transportation data such as students, vehicles, schools, staff, trips and stops in the palm of your hand, in real-time.

Routefinder GO is an app that allows you the freedom of not being tethered to your office! You are free to respond to emails, phone calls, and incidents in the office or in the field with the latest information at any time, and anywhere.

With Routefinder GO:

  • View and take real-time attendance;
  • Take attendance without students touching a scanner or card reader. Lessen the spread of germs;
  • Track and assign seat numbers for students;
  • Easily view your student data in a simple grid pattern or in a map;
  • Match the student with a picture, if available in your data;
  • Substitute vehicles, drivers or bus aides on-demand;
  • Update trips based on actual attendance and time.

Using Routefinder GO on a mobile device you can take student attendance and tracking on the bus and have “COVID-19 Contact Tracing” running. You can download Routefinder GO on your IOS or Android device and start taking attendance and track students.

 >>Routefinder GO includes ESRI maps that allow the user to view, interact with and analyze data on the go. 

Easy-to-navigate ESRI maps (with satellite layering) enable you to visualize and share data on students, vehicles, trips, and stops.

  • With Geofinder tools, draw freeform or use predefined shapes on the street or satellite view to quickly identify or analyze data in a specific area.
  • Pre-defined Georegions such as hazardous or predator zones can be identified on the map, showing all vehicles, students, stops, and trips affected.
  • View information stored in Routefinder Pro on your mobile device, including boundary sets and documents.
  • Share critical information with staff and administration on the GO.
  • Save and email information, run and share reports.
  • Do all of this and more on your tablet or smartphone in the Routefinder GO app.


>> Map Canvas lets you add and view your data geographically - like an artist painting a masterpiece.

Document Actual Events

Whether responding to a bus accident, or incident on a bus or at a stop, you have the student route data to manage and document the event in the palm of your hand.

While at the site, you can take a photo or video, attach it to the affected vehicle, driver, and student files, and share it with local emergency management authorities. You can then notify designated district personnel, parents, or guardians.

Identify where your students and buses are with key information and identify alternative routes in relation to an incident. Alert other drivers and assess to quickly manage the situation.

>> Taking student attendance helps you provide accurate reports for Medicaid reimbursements and state reports.

Empower the Entire District

With student routing data at your fingertips, you can share information at Board meetings enabling the Board and the community to better understand your transportation operations, and thereby make more informed decisions.

Routefinder GO allows administrators in the district to access information or reports on their own, whenever needed. 

Get the information in the hands of the people that need it, including;

  • Bus Monitors, Aides and Teachers
  • Student Safety Officers

Routefinder GO is compatible with all mobile devices (Android and iOS).