Seamless Hosting

In these uncertain times, we bring peace of mind! Seamless Hosting by Transfinder will ensure all your transportation software remains operational and accessible to you and your district. You do not need to be at your school buildings. Simply, find an internet connection and you can connect to your software anywhere, anytime.  There are no concerns for your district technology team to be available or in the building. We have you covered with Seamless Hosting.



[WEBINAR] Get Your Head in the Cloud: How Cloud Hosting Can Reduce You and Your Team's Stress

Today, more Transfinder clients are turning to the cloud than ever before. Hear real stories from Transfinder clients who, like some of you, once had concerns about being hosted but now are convinced it was the right decision at the right time. You'll hear about the benefits, such as having that elusive "Peace of Mind," knowing that your data is "always there" and ease of access.

Click here for the ‘Get Your Head in the Cloud’ Webinar.

Your Life Can Get Easier And Your Data More Secure

Have you ever been concerned about...?

  • Having your routing data available?
  • Encountering a ransomware attack?
  • Not having your transportation data and software as secure as possible and running at peak performance?
  • How your operation will continue operating during and after a natural disaster?

Transfinder can ease this burden.

Transfinder offers Seamless Hosting for all of our bus routing and fleet management products, providing you with highly reliable, secured data solutions that won't burden your district's IT professionals. We ensure 24/7 access anywhere for your district officials and transportation team.

Seamless hosting provides many benefits to you!

Zero Overhead and Maintenance

  • No servers to maintain or patches to install.
  • All upgrades or patches are installed by trained Transfinder staff.
  • Limited IT and/or technical staff required by your organization.
  • Only an Internet connection and personal workstations are necessary for your access.

24/7 Access
Sign in and access your software, anywhere any time that you have Internet connectivity, from home or office, or on the road.

System Redundancy / Data Archival / Disaster Recovery
Transfinder utilizes Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) as our strategic partner to provide seamless web services. Amazon provides significant opportunities to provide redundancy (backup) through its service.

Peace of Mind

  • The burden associated with cost, management, security and maintenance involved with dedicating a server for transportation needs is minimal, as servers run off-site, and have multiple levels of redundancy (backup).
  • Transfinder’s team has 24x7x365 monitoring in place. We work all day and night and holidays, so your team does not have to.
  • Seamless hosting is specifically designed and optimized to work optimally with the software and applications provided to you by Transfinder. You never have to worry about compatibility of programs and how they will affect your operation.

  • Combining Transfinder’s skilled IT professionals with the Amazon Web Services team provides the very best hosting to ensure safer, smarter and faster software for your transportation operation.

Yes, it's that simple!
Seamless hosting can help you and help make your district be better prepared for the worst.