Studentfinder Kiosk

One tap does it all! Using a card reader and the RFID cards used by transportation throughout the district with a laptop or a tablet, students, faculty and administrators can look up all kinds of information about a student, including bus routes, attendance and a variety of reports of importance to transportation.

Studentfinder Kiosk

The Studentfinder Kiosk has Transfinder’s award-winning Viewfinder solution baked into the solution to make locating student transportation information easy and faster to find. Simply scan an ID card and see a student’s bus information, driver, stop times and more. 

Locate the Studentfinder in strategic locations to allow scans from anywhere on campus, whether at an administrative office, a classroom or the bus yard.
How it Works
With a quick scan of a student’s ID card from a computer or mobile device, the power of Transfinder’s Viewfinder solution provides the user access to see authorized information about that student’s transportation information quickly so they can be ready for the next student. 

Working in conjunction with the Studentfinder Kiosk:  

Formfinder ID Scanner
Authorized staff can easily scan ID cards to capture data automatically. Applications include: Logins for timekeeping and attendance for driver training as well as behind-the-wheel events like student behavior, illegal passing events and camera incidents. 

How it Works
A driver can scan their ID card and automatically submit a form. Forms capture the user and an exact timestamp and location of the scan. Forms are then associated with the driver or student record for reporting purposes. 

Automatic form scans can easily replace cumbersome paperwork. 

The fully integrated Studentfinder Kiosk works seamlessly with the Routefinder PLUS suite of solutions as part of Transfinder's commitment to making schools and communities safer, informed and more efficient one stop at a time.

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