Infofinder i

Infofinder i is your transportation department’s link to the community. Infofinder i is a Web-based service that leverages your investment in Routefinder Pro to share route and stop information via your district’s website.

With Infofinder i Inform your community of important information such as Food and medical supply pickup locations.

Your transportation department’s link to the community with school bus routing information with infofinder i.



Informing Parents and the Community 

Seamlessly integrated with your existing district Website, Infofinder i is a Web-based service from Transfinder that gives you the flexibility and power to easily provide your route and stop information to the families in your district.

Transfinder hosts your Infofinder i, enabling you to:

  • Easily upload data to our secure server through an easy-to-use Routefinder Pro module;
  • Seamlessly integrate transportation information and notification capability into your district website;
  • Allow parents and guardians the ability to view their address and bus route on a map as well as a listing of bus stops that serve them;
  • Display school boundary information for parents and district administration;
  • Reduce calls and complaints to your transportation department;
  • Instantly inform parents and guardians with email notifications. 

After entering an address, Infofinder i displays all the schools, bus stops and routes on a detailed map. The map clearly identifies the household, schools and bus stop locations for parents and guardians to view on your district’s website. 

Notify Parents

With Infofinder i’s notification system, parents can register to receive important notices related to schedule, stop or vehicle changes. You create the message, you decide when to send it, and we do the rest. Emails contain your message and helpful links that show the student’s mapped household and stop information.

Parents can:

  • Find their child’s designated bus stop;
  • Locate which school their child would attend if they are planning to move;
  • Visualize the route their child’s bus will be taking to and from school;
  • View school boundary maps to better understand school attendance redistricting plans;
  • Sign up online for automatic notifications, and submit questions and concerns.

Districts can:

  • Significantly reduce phone inquiries and complaints from parents;
  • Centralize and maintain consistency in their transportation information;
  • Provide easy data access for all involved with the district.
  • Share school boundary maps with the community and district staff/administration;
  • Provide unlimited electronic notification at no additional cost.

Enhanced Mapping Display

By entering a student’s address, parents and district personnel have access to an interactive map of all available trip stops, trips and schools a student is eligible for.

Users can pan and zoom the high-resolution map, and choose from over 10 best-in-class ESRI map displays to view the areas surrounding stop locations.

You are in control

Infofinder i is fully configurable from your desktop. You decide if you want to show stop times, bus routes, bus names, am/pm trips…it is in your control. You select the data that is displayed on your site.  Only your district maps, schools, routes and stops are uploaded to our servers. At no time do we transmit, store or display any student related data. 

You provide the data, we do the rest

Since Infofinder i is a service, all you have to do is upload your data to our secure Infofinder i server, add some simple links to your existing website, and we do the rest.  Only your district maps, schools, routes and stops are uploaded to our servers.