22 Mar

Transfinder Releases Version 9.0 of Routefinder Pro School Bus Routing Software

School bus routing software also incorporates powerful mapping technology in Infofinder le

Schenectady, NY – March 22, 2010 – Transfinder today announced it is releasing version 9.0 of Routefinder Pro, its premier school bus routing software used by more than 1,200 school districts across the country. This new version contains several powerful new features, including analysis tools for transportation metrics, which are important to school districts in today’s challenging economy.  Version 9.0 also incorporates powerful mapping technology in Infofinder le, which provides unlimited access to transportation information by designated district personnel via its district’s network.

New features in Routefinder Pro 9.0 enable transportation directors to analyze their transportation operations for greater efficiencies and cost savings.  Among them:

  • Route Sequence Optimization

This feature automatically adjusts a trip and its stops based on selected criteria, such as time or distance, and geographic region; or it automatically creates a new trip in a selected geographic area, leading to savings on buses and/or mileage.

The system also can generate two alternative ways to run a specific trip – one by fastest time and one by shortest distance. Users can easily view the quickest way or shortest distance on the routing map and create fewer stops to optimize the path. Then they can analyzeone or both for safety issues before makingany changes.

  • Analytics – Transportation Metrics

This feature allows transportation personnel to analyze their operations especially during peak time usage, i.e., when most of their buses are on the road.  For example, by determining the time of day, a district may find it can consolidate routes and save on both fuel and personnel costs.

With Analytics, users also may choose to test “what if?” scenarios if modifications were made to selected district policies or routes. This analysis will help determine which scenario will yield the most optimal results. For example, by increasing the walk-to-stop distance policy, a district may be able to reduce the number of stops required and the associated fuel costs.

The advantage to school districts using Routefinder Pro is that Analytics is included in the 9.0 release.  At no extra cost to the district, transportation officials can use Analytics to better understand and demonstrate their current metrics.  They can then make recommendations to district administrators and Board members that will result in greater efficiencies and cost savings, while preserving safety.

  • Powerful Mapping Technology in Infofinder le

This feature displays the location of a student’s home relative to the student’s am and pm stops.  This gives district personnel a clear visual, enabling them to more easily answer questions from parents or the administration about a student’s home location and pick up and drop off points.

Antonio Civitella, president and CEO, said, “This release of Routefinder Pro responds directly to the needs of our clients as they strive to find efficiencies in their transportation operations.  They will help them find the efficiencies, which will yield the greatest savings.  At the same time, they will be able to continue offering the same level of service quality and safety for their students.”

Civitella added, “The new version of our routing software also enables our clients to provide transportation information on embedded Google maps in Infofinder le.  This provides district personnel with a visual landscape of each student’s transportation information.”

About Transfinder

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York, Transfinder is a national leader in student transportation management systems and services, offering routing and scheduling solutions for optimal transportation logistics.  A business partner of Pitney Bowes Business Insight – MapInfo, Transfinder applies MapInfo's industry-leading mapping technology and database management to deliver superior transportation and logistics management solutions.  Transfinder products allow school districts to manage bus routes, provide safe and efficient student transportation, and access a wealth of critical district information.  For more information, visit www.transfinder.com.