16 Aug

Transfinder in the News: Efficient and Reliable Transportation Solutions for Students

Transfinder in the News: Cover Story - Efficient and Reliable Transportation Solutions for Students
Education Technology Insights  / August 16, 2023

The magnitude of the school transportation system in the U.S. is awe-inspiring. Approximately 25 million children rely on it daily, making it the largest mass transit network in the country. Having realized the importance of this system and its role in ensuring the safe transit of passengers, stakeholders are investing in the best transportation management solutions.

Transfinder, the leader in school transportation logistics, has created a comprehensive and user-friendly software suite that streamlines transportation management for schools while meeting the unique needs of parents, students, and transportation staff. Its solution portfolio includes Routefinder PLUS, Wayfinder, Stopfinder, Viewfinder, Tripfinder, Servicefinder, and more.

Transfinder's tools allow school transportation departments to revolutionize their communication strategies and adopt targeted approaches tailored to groups based on geographical location, grade level, or proximity to a particular event. They can convey crucial information with precision.

[Note: Education Technology Insights has listed Transfinder's tools among its Top Education Apps 2023].

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