12 Jan

Trusting Transfinder: District Taps Transfinder for Routing, Consulting and Overall Efficiency

From STN - School Transportation News
January 6, 2022

Steve Lake has been leading Southwest Allen County School District in Indiana’s transportation department for more than five years but has been with this district in a number of capacities for nearly 35 years, as a teacher, coach and even principal.

He is extremely analytical and jokes, “To me, everything is a science project.”

“Our motto here is ‘Point A to Point B as safely and efficiently as possible.’ We post that motto everywhere,” Lake said. “The safety part is up to us as humans. But the efficiency part we count on our software to give us good data, to see how efficient we are. Transfinder does that for us.”

When he came into his role as transportation supervisor five years ago, he looked at what the Southwest Allen County School District was using for all its transportation needs. What he found was unsettling.

“When I came in, [the previous routing provider] didn’t make sense,” Lake stated. “There were too many things missing. The communication between [the previous company] and us was not good. I didn’t know who our sales rep was, I didn’t know who the contact was for any help. It was a struggle.”

Not one to waste time, Lake said, “I just decided this was ridiculous. So, I shopped around.”

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