MSAD 6, Buxton, ME

Since Implementing Routefinder Pro, MSAD 6 has Consolidated Bus Runs Resulting in Savings of Over $100,000.


Dottie Muchmore is the Transportation Manager for the District and began using Transfinder’s flagship routing software, Routefinder Pro, and District Intranet solution, Infofinder le, three years ago, as part of the State of Maine’s free offering for Student Routing and Transportation Management System (SRTMS).  Previously the District was using Versatrans, but when Dottie had an opportunity to take a look at the Transfinder software it seemed to offer more features, and was a more familiar interface to an in-house system she used at a district in Georgia for many years.

Dottie and her team worked collaboratively with the district’s Technology Department and had their students imported into Routefinder Pro from the district’s student data base, Infinite Campus.  They accurately geocoded the students and were able to create efficient bus routes.  During the implementation phase the District still ran the Versatrans software, so they could make a smooth transition until the new software was fully up and running.  They have been using Routefinder Pro and Infofinder le for approximately 3 years, Infofinder mobile – for about 1 year now.

Dottie also took advantage of all the various training opportunities and methods provided by Transfinder.  In addition to attending scheduled training webinars, Dottie and her team attended Transfinder University for routing proficiency, as well as attended the Annual Client Summit in 2012 and 2014 in Albany, New York. Dottie says she absolutely loves it and has since adopted the additional features and functionality that were never used before.


Since implementing Routefinder Pro, MSAD 6 has consolidated its bus runs as well as operates with fewer drivers to transport their students.  The transportation department reduced 1,062 trips, 670 bus stops, and 36,285 miles besides savings in repairs and services, resulting in a savings of $100,872.30.
In order to earn the Board’s confidence in the recommended changes, Dottie held a Board Workshop where she invited the members to the transportation office, so they could see firsthand the software at work. After seeing how the students were exactly placed on the maps, and walk distances precisely calculated, the Board was not only impressed with the intelligence of the operation, but saw that informed decisions were being made by the transportation staff. 

Dottie has since added the Routefinder GO application, so she can document incidents in the field, as well as have her knowledge base in the palm of her hand no matter where she is, so she can respond to any inquiries or provide information at a moment’s notice.

Dottie has found many reasons to be happy with her switch to using Transfinder, and taking advantage of the State of Maine contract with the company.  In addition, she hopes to soon add Servicefinder, for preventative maintenance and fleet management, to her products. 

District Profile
MSAD 6 is a rural District west of Portland that serves the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Limington, Standish, and Frye Island.  3,400 students are transported to 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school, and 1 alternative school.  The District also manages the largest fleet in the state consisting of 73 buses, which travel nearly 1 million miles a year.