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Transfinder to improve the efficiency of Tiffin City School District’s Transportation Department

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Tiffin City School District

August 3, 2011

During this summer, new software was installed which will improve the efficiency of the Transportation Department. The software is called Transfinder, and it will help us develop and manage our student bus routes. Basically, the program merges the property maps from Seneca County with the Tiffin City Schools’ student information system (DASL) and enables us to identify the local demographics of all of our students.

All information can be manipulated within the program to set up routes and stop areas to help keep the Transportation Department running as efficiently as possible. The program performs daily updates of all incoming students and their contact information which helps us with day-to-day route changes and communication.

The Transfinder program will be a great asset to the Transportation Department and will allow us to meet budgetary challenges without reducing the quality of our service.