29 Aug

Clients in the News... Los Fresnos CISD

Los Fresnos CISD Allows Parents to Track Buses

From KRGV.com
by Manuel De La Rosa
Rio Grande Valley, TX
Monday, August 29, 2011

New technology is making it easier to track your children. Parents with children in the Los Fresnos school district can now see where their child’s school bus is at all times.

Nearly 6,000 children on 80 buses use the district’s transportation to get to school everyday. Los Fresnos CISD Transportation Director Suzanne Ramirez says keeping track of all those students just got a little easier. The district is now using a program called Transfinder, which maps when students are expected home and when they are going to be picked up.

Parents can get that information off the school website with a secure login code.

"I would have loved to have it when I had my boys in school. It's a valuable tool because it provides quick information that gives them an estimate or time they can expect the bus to go by," says Ramirez.

The one concern for parents is security. The school district promises only the parents will have access to this information. People from the public won't be able to access this information from the website.

"I think I agree with it because I’m going to be able to know what time and what place from where to where and what place it is going to be on. I am OK with it if it's only for parents,” says Los Fresnos parent Sordeda Larios.

The program also will communicate with parents if there is a change in the bus schedule. The program will also help the district plan for field trips and other activities.