13 Sep

Important Transfinder News Regarding Third Party Vendors

Dear Valued Transfinder Client!

Because we value our relationship, we are requesting that before engaging with a third-party vendor or going to RFP/RFI process please call us to determine if we have the tools you need. 

We at Transfinder continue to evolve and innovate – we’ve won “best software“ two years in a row and just won our first “best hardware” award – and we simply are not the same company we were even a few years ago. And last month Education Technology Insights listed Transfinder's tools among its Top Education Apps 2023.

Before we had certain solutions, such as parent and driver apps, we vetted third-party providers and recommended the best-in-breed in those categories. We owed it to you as a partner. Our focus at the time was solely on routing, and we created the best-in-breed solution in that category. 

Today, we truly are an all-in-one solution provider. We like to say, One Partner, One Solution. And routing is at the core of all that we do. But we have found that some of the third-party vendors are not innovating fast enough or working seamlessly with our technology. Our clients and the industry as a whole are changing, too, wanting to work with one provider. 

The other aspect of this improvement is quality control. We provide the highest level of quality and service in the industry. But we do not have the ability to provide that level of quality control when working with a third party. 

The demands of student transportation have never been higher.  Data integration is not the best solution.  Our solutions ensure instant information to all stakeholders.  These are some of the underlying reasons for now telling clients (current and future) to first check with us before engaging with another vendor. 

In the end, this improvement is really about serving you better and protecting you from making expensive purchases that promise results but in the end are ineffective solutions and cause serious headaches.


Antonio Civitella
Transfinder President and CEO