27 Oct

Transfinder Announces New Marketplace Partner 247Security

Transfinder Announces New Marketplace Partner 247Security

Schenectady, New York (PRWEB) October 26, 2016
A week after announcing the launch of its Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for schools seeking solutions to enhance efficiency and safety within their transportation departments, Transfinder is announcing a new Marketplace partner: 247Security Inc

“We are pleased to have our first camera integration with 247Security,” said Antonio Civitella, Transfinder’s president and CEO. “247Security’s live streaming and historical videos now integrate with Transfinder systems.”

247Security, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a leading provider and manufacturer of mobile digital video recording equipment, security cameras and GPS data management applications. 247Security’s products integrate seamlessly with Transfinder’s technology.

“This partnership between Transfinder and 247Security makes better use of our technology and services,” said Quang Nguyen, 247Security’s CEO and CTO. “Transfinder’s products enhance the value of our product offerings, such as historical videos, live streaming and GPS. For example, without Transfinder’s Routefinder Pro, customers would have limited information. With Transfinder’s bus planning tools, our technology has much more usefulness.”

For example, by marrying Transfinder’s bus planning tools with 247Security video, district personnel can quickly respond to incidents by identifying the students who are assigned at a bus stop with the actual students via the video feed.

“We can provide the video of every bus stop. Every stop can be viewed and analyzed. We can see how many get on the bus live,” Nguyen said.

The key areas 247Security specializes in include:

  • Live streaming both inside and outside school buses
  • Live GPS (that integrates with Transfinder’s Viewfinder to determine how accurately a planned route is with an actual bus route to build better routes)
  • Historical videos (archives) for incident reconstruction
  • Determining vehicle utilization (are buses full or underutilized)

Transfinder’s Marketplace highlights “best in class” vendors such as 247Security that have been vetted by Transfinder and the market in a number of areas, including camera technology.

“This is big for us,” said Robert Scott, 247Security’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This partnership combines two technologies and takes camera technology to a whole new level that isn’t used or available in the school transportation industry. We see this partnership as a very significant move into the future.”

Transfinder created the Marketplace as school districts’ needs have become more complex and sophisticated. The Marketplace gives schools and municipalities choices from among top-tier service providers that integrate with Transfinder’s technology.

“Interest in the Marketplace is growing,” said Civitella. “We are hearing from both service providers wanting to be included in the Marketplace and clients interested in learning about the options they have when picking solutions that complement what they currently own. 247Security is a perfect example of the types of partners we are looking to engage with.”

Transfinder’s development team has created an amazing interface with 247Security’s technology which now allows Transfinder clients the ability to leverage camera technology.

“Transfinder’s open integration model has allowed for a successful collaboration between two companies committed to providing new and innovative solutions to our clients,” said Joe Messia, Transfinder’s COO.

For more information regarding the marketplace, contact Joey Benincasa, Strategic Partner Manager, at marketplace@transfinder.com or call (800) 373-3609 ext. 8304.

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