3 Aug

Transfinder Wins ‘Best Software’ Award

Transfinder Wins ‘Best Software’ Award

Schenectady, NY and Reno, Nev. – Aug. 4, 2022 – Transfinder Corporation’s suite of solutions was overwhelmingly voted “Best Software” by transportation leaders attending the STN EXPO in Reno, Nevada last month.

The Best Software Award was one of several categories that companies competed in in the inaugural Innovation Awards. Other categories included: Best Green Technology, Best Health & Wellness Technology” and “Best Hardware.”

School Transportation News Publisher and President Tony Corpin praised Transfinder on winning the award.

“STN EXPO attendees voted, and the best software won! I want to congratulate Transfinder on the launch of its all-in-one software technology platform,” Corpin said. “These new capabilities have captured the attention of school transportation professionals at the largest school transportation conference in North America with over 1,200 participants.”

Transfinder’s solutions range from its flagship routing solution Routefinder PLUS, which has Formfinder and Chatfinder embedded in it, parent app Stopfinder, driver app Wayfinder, as well as its full vehicle maintenance solution Servicefinder, field trip management solution Tripfinder, among other solutions.

Transfinder President and CEO Antonio Civitella said the award meant more than just another on the software company’s wall. In 2020, Routefinder PLUS, Stopfinder and Viewfinder, the company’s solution that helps users monitor their transportation department with quick access to students, trips, vehicles and staff, were among the Transfinder solutions named “Most Innovative Software” at the Bus Technology Summit.

“We are honored to be named the Best Software at the recent STN EXPO in Reno,” Civitella said. “We know our solutions are cutting-edge but to have leaders in the school transportation industry overwhelmingly select Transfinder as the Best Software is extremely rewarding.”

Civitella said the award was especially meaningful because it was selected by transportation officials who know the challenges taking place in schools across North America. 

“This award demonstrates that the Transfinder’s suite of solutions are meeting real needs today while anticipating what schools will need in the future,” he said. 

Routefinder PLUS was launched in April 2020, a month after Transfinder went fully remote as a result of the pandemic. The browser-based-routing solution became popular early on because it met a need as transportation departments were sending employees home. PLUS made working remotely fast and easy. PLUS allows users to work from anywhere. 

Stopfinder, which provides parents with real-time information regarding their children’s buses and includes an easy two-way communication tool, helps parents remain informed, which reduces anxiety and frustration. When a bus is running late, for example, the district can push out a notification to just the parents impacted by the delay. Wayfinder, the driver app, has become a key solution during the ongoing driver shortage, providing substitute and new drivers with turn-by-turn directions and information on students at each stop. 

Civitella said Transfinder is just getting started, with more enhancements and solutions in the pipeline. 

“This Best Software award highlights that while Transfinder has 34 years of experience in this industry, we continue to innovate like a startup.”

About Transfinder
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York, Transfinder is a national leader in intelligent transportation systems, providing transportation management systems and services to municipalities, school districts and adult care facilities. Transfinder, an Inc. magazine “fastest-growing company” for 11 consecutive years, has offices in Austin, Texas, and Shanghai, China. The software company, named a Best Place to Work and Top Workplace and Best Company to Work for in New York State, develops and supports routing and scheduling solutions as well as parent and driver apps for optimal transportation logistics. For more information, visit www.transfinder.com.