27 Jan

Working With This Technology & Partner to ‘Serve Our Community Well’

Working With This Technology & Partner to ‘Serve Our Community Well’

Karen Torres instituted a new motto this year at Whittier Union High School District (CA): “We want to serve well.”

Torres is the transportation director at Whittier Union, a district located in Los Angeles County, California, just 10 miles from the heart of the city. She oversees the transportation of 1,300 students, with about 75 percent of those students having special needs.

Serving well is imperative. And it goes beyond transportation.

“We don’t want to just transport well. We want to do that to the best of our ability,” she said. “We want our students to be safe. We want our parents to feel like their students are safe. We want to serve well all the way around. Our students, our parents, the teachers that we deal with, the staff that we deal with at other districts, and our people, our drivers.”

Torres can’t repeat the motto enough.

Critical to serving well is having a technology partner that comes alongside Torres and her team. And she emphasizes the importance of her team.

“It truly is the team that I am surrounded with that makes us successful,” she said. “They are proficient, dedicated, passionate and believe in what they do.”

Transfinder is part of that team.

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